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What Does Number 46 mean In The Bible?

In this exploration, we focus on the significance of the number 46 in the Bible. While the Bible is rich with symbolic numbers, not every number is given explicit meaning. This piece aims to understand the context and possible interpretations of the number 46 in biblical texts, along with its spiritual implications.

What does number 46 mean in the Bible blog by Coffee and Christ Shop

Is the Number 46 Directly Mentioned in the Bible?

The number 46 is mentioned in the Bible, but its appearances are scarce. One of the notable mentions is in the context of the reconstruction of the Temple in John 2:20, where it is said that the Temple took 46 years to build. 

This reference, however, is more historical than symbolic, indicating the time and effort put into constructing this significant religious structure.

What Could the Number 46 Symbolize in Biblical Context?

In biblical numerology, individual numbers often have specific meanings, but not every number is imbued with symbolic significance. The number 46, in particular, does not have a widely recognized symbolic meaning in biblical texts. 

Its mention in the context of the Temple's construction might suggest themes of perseverance, dedication, and the importance of spiritual places, but this is more interpretive than doctrinal.

What Does Number 46 Mean in the Bible blog by Coffee and Christ Shop

How Do Biblical Scholars Interpret Non-Symbolic Numbers?

Biblical scholars tend to approach numbers that don't have explicit symbolic meanings in a historical or literal context. Numbers like 46, which appear in a historical narrative, are often understood as literal figures that add to the historical accuracy of the narrative. 

They provide context to the events or settings being described rather than conveying a deeper spiritual message.

Are There Broader Spiritual Lessons from the Mention of 46?

While the number 46 itself may not hold specific spiritual symbolism, the context of its mention in the Bible can offer broader lessons. 

The reference to the 46 years of Temple construction speaks to the dedication and reverence the people had for their place of worship. It underscores the importance of patience, perseverance, and commitment to spiritual endeavors.

 What does number 46 mean in the Bible blog article by Coffee and Christ Shop

How Should Modern Readers Interpret the Number 46 in the Bible?

For modern readers, the number 46 in the Bible can be seen as a historical detail that adds depth to the biblical narrative. 

Rather than seeking hidden meanings or symbolism in every number, it's often more fruitful to understand the broader context and the narrative or moral lessons the text is imparting.


The number 46 in the Bible appears in a specific historical context, without a clear symbolic meaning attached to it. In biblical interpretation, not every number holds deep spiritual significance. The mention of 46 years in the construction of the Temple serves to emphasize the narrative's historical accuracy and the dedication involved in spiritual practices.


Does the number 46 have a prophetic meaning in the Bible?

No, the number 46 is not associated with any prophetic meanings in the Bible.

How common is numerology in biblical interpretation?

Numerology is a common aspect of biblical interpretation, but it typically focuses on numbers believed to have specific symbolic meanings.

Should all numbers in the Bible be interpreted symbolically?

Not necessarily. Many numbers in the Bible are meant to be taken in their historical or literal sense.

Can the number 46 in the Bible inspire personal reflection?

While not symbolically significant, its context can inspire reflection on themes like dedication and the importance of spiritual places.

Is it important to understand the historical context of numbers in the Bible?

Yes, understanding the historical context can provide a clearer and more accurate interpretation of biblical texts.


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