The Woman Who Loves Herself in a Godly Way Makes for a Strong Mother

The Woman Who Loves Herself in a Godly Way Makes for a Strong Mother

When a woman understands God’s love in Christ Jesus, life finally makes sense, for true fulfilment starts from within. The gift of love is timeless! Love is a great catalyst. For those who don’t believe in it, love is unreal. For a woman with low self-esteem, societal pressures can sometimes cloud the path to finding a new dimension and fulfilment in her life. Women who consume themselves with material possessions alone will wind up unproductive and empty. In spite of their material success, many women still feel emptiness in their soul and end up enduring internal tensions that can lead to mental and physical health problems.

A woman, who loves herself in a godly way, can be the embodiment of dignity and character. She is the kind who learned to govern her emotions while allowing her love to overflow. Her standard for success, beauty and worth is not defined by the world or society. Material possessions and worldly success are not important to her. Her spiritual life is the most important of all, and she has chosen godliness as the focus of her life. Such a woman can raise extraordinary children with substantial influence. In this article we shall explore some benefits of being a strong mother.

Five Benefits of Being a Strong Mother

Being a godly woman could look a bit different for each one of us. In the greatest literary work of all time, the Scripture, we find different kinds of strong mothers, and many of them show these valuable characteristics of godliness:

  1. Strong Confidence in God: There is a transformative and significant power in a mother confidently embracing her calling and purpose in a godly way—disapproving anything that compromises her values, dignity, or well-being. A strong and confident mother will attempt to achieve more and does not settle for mediocrity or being full of self-doubt. Prophetess Deborah in the Bible is one example of a woman with strong confidence in God— she was not just a mere wife (Judges 4:4) she arose as a strong mother for Israel (Judges 5:7). A healthy sense of self-confidence shows strength, which can lead to many opportunities that might pass by a mother with low self-esteem. It can also lead to accomplishments that the timid mother would not pursue. 

  2. Ability to Endure: Strong mothers have a history of endurance. It is important that we should understand that trials come, with the aim to reveal to us how weak or strong we are. For a godly woman, life is not always a bed of roses, but the ones who love God and His Word find sources of satisfaction that surpass any the world has to offer. Naomi endured the loss of her husband (Ruth 1:3) and two sons (Ruth 1:5) in the land of Moab. Her tribulation didn’t turn her into a hateful, resentful or bitter woman, she continued to demonstrate godly love toward her daughter in-laws who are now also widows, that Ruth loves her so much (Ruth 4:15) and made up her mind to return with her from Moab (Ruth 1:16-18). (Ruth 1:1-22; 4:13-17) 

  3. Godly Perspective: Many women that lack godly perspective are confused about how to set healthy boundaries in their relationships and endeavors. They tend to follow the advice or example of friends, neighbors, famous celebrities, influencers, etc. a woman that honors her worth as a daughter of God, can navigate life with ease, integrity, and grace. For instance, Naomi and Ruth, (Ruth 2:2,22, Ruth 3:3-5), each woman was endowed with unique gifts, talents, experience and passions that they shared with each other in service. 

  4. High Godly Standards: A strong mother would reject the human standards that are based on societal expectations or external validation by setting a better standard for herself and family from the ultimate source of guidance, the Bible. Let’s take, for an example, Timothy in the scripture; he had the faith of his mother and grandmother (2 Timothy 1:5). They each contributed to his journey of spiritual maturity and kingdom stewardship. 

  5. Deep Sense of Gratitude: Cultivating a deep sense of gratitude is one of the foundational attributes of loving oneself in a godly way and it is also integral to success in every area of life. Strong mothers all over the world—have persevered through fears and tears, through lean times and lack, their deep sense of gratitude shifts the focus from their greatest difficulties to appreciating the blessings already present in their lives.

In conclusion, a woman that lacks godly love cannot get very far in life because loving oneself in a godly way empowers to embrace true worth, purpose, and potential. A strong mother will walk through the darkest of nights for the sake of those she loves. Love rooted in divine truth and faith transcends the fleeting standards of the world.



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